4 Found DEAD In House Fire


HouseFireIn Nov. 1969 late at night we responded to a 2 story house fire fully involved.

It wasn’t far from the station and took less than 5 minutes to arrive on scene. On arrival flames were showing in almost every window in the structure.

4 or 5 inch and a half hose lines were deployed and the battle began. Advancing one of these lines my partner and I entered the front door and worked our way to the rear of the structure one room at a time.

A few minutes later a ventilation crew started work on the roof to release toxic smoke and heat and another crew started looking for the gas and electric main shut off.

At this time a report came over our portable radio that people may be trapped in the structure. By the time we reached the rear of the structure on the ground floor there were no victims. The crew on the second floor worked their way to the rear of the structure and in the last room they found the victims.

When this incident came to a close:
4 CHILDREN DEAD and 1 severely burned.

One firefighter had minor injuries from electric shock and two firefighters went to the hospital after the roof area they were working collapsed.

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In your honor.

Bruce Merrifield