This is a great Sunday Breakfast Combo I cooked for my crew once in a while.

Killer Jack

1 English Muffin – lightly toasted on the grill with butter.
2 Eggs – fried medium well
2 Slices Cheese – your choice.  I used Velveta.
1 Ham Patty – Hormel has ham patties that come in a can – usually 6 to a can.  Cook the ham about 4 minutes – 2 on each side.


Place 1 cheese slice on 1/2 of English Muffin.  Then add 1 fried egg, 1 ham patty and 1 more cheese slice.
Top it off with the other half of the English Muffin.

“Viola!”  You  now have Killer Jack.

Potato O’Brien

Find in the freezer section at the store of your choice.  I would use coconut oil to cook them and get just a little different but pleasing taste.

Add your favorite morning beverage and enjoy the journey.

In your honor,

Bruce Merrifield