Power Up Your Walking Routine…The Yoga Way!

You can add Yoga to your walk for extra health benefits.  Check it out:

Power Up Your Walking Routine…The Yoga Way!

 By Claire Diab and Dennis Boyle

During the winter months, it can be harder to commit to a workout plan: It is darker in the morning and darker when most of us leave work, making us feel tired


Killer Jack w/ Potato O’Brien – Sunday Breakfast Combo

This is a great Sunday Breakfast Combo I cooked for my crew once in a while.

Killer Jack

1 English Muffin – lightly toasted on the grill with butter.
2 Eggs – fried medium well
2 Slices Cheese – your choice.  I used Velveta.
1 Ham Patty – Hormel has ham patties that come in a can – usually 6 … Read More >>

Fire Life – Relationships (Part 1 of 2)

Fellow fire fighter time – is it hurting or helping your marriage?  In this two part series by Anne Gagliano, she explains how it can help or hinder your marriage.  Part 1 are the cons – part 2 explores the positives.  Be sure to come back soon for the second half of this enlightening article.

Keep Your First Family First,


Pippi’s Eggs (Chipped Beef Egg Casserole)

Pass it on is a tradition in the Fire Service.  This recipe is a hand-me-down tradition that foodies & cookes can enjoy.


By Frank E. Vaerewyck, “The Firehouse Foodie”

The fire service is steeped in tradition. You may ask the questions “Why is a fire truck red?” “Why do we use the Maltese Cross and the Star of Life


Dog Leads Florida firefighters to Children Trapped in Burning Home


LONGWOOD, Fla. — A family dog jumped into action and led firefighters to two children that were trapped in a burning home Monday night in a Florida suburb, according to WFLA.

The Feaser family was asleep when the fire engulfed their home in Longwood.

Margo Feaser, a 12-year veteran of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, and her husband … Read More >>

Traditions – Listen Up Rookies

The fire service is full of traditions. This blog by JD will get you off to a good start. No matter what department you work for.  Follow JD suggestion and you can go from” rookie to one of the guys” and have the respect of your fellow firefighters.

In your honor.

Bruce Merrifield

P.S.  Keep the wet stuff on the … Read More >>

Three Tips to Surviving Interior Fires

Where were you when your SCBA warning bell went off?  Don’t know!  You better, because it’s your life on the line! Here is some pertinent information from an article by David DeStefano that can save you and a fellow fire fighter someday.

The Big Three

03/22/2016 – FireEngineering.com

Firefighters at the window are enveloped in smoke on the training ground.

(Photo by Tony Greco)

Article by David DeStefano

While conducting interior operations,


Firefighters Are Killed Responding to Emergencies All The Time

Headlines like “Firefighter Killed in Freeway Accident” are popping up more and more.  Here are some throw backs to the  basics for Roadway Safety:


Roadway Safety – By Brian Zaitz


By Brian Zaitz

Roadways are a common operational location for the fire service. Whether it is at a vehicle accident on an interstate, an emergency medical services call


Firehouse Tuna Salad – A Perfect Meal for a 4 Man Station

Here’s another great meal from Firehouse Cuisine by Kipp Rix

By Kipp Rix

After trying this style of tuna salad, I can almost assure you that you will never again eat that stuff out of a can that they call “tuna.” The flavor of a fresh tuna steak is unbeatable and really not much more than a can of “good-quality” … Read More >>

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