Fire Department Cooking

Dear fellow fire department cooks,

I hope you enjoy cooking for your shift as much as I did while serving my fellow firefighters and community. There are many great cooks in the fire service. Some have written and published books on the subject. This is a great soup by Ryan McKay. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Copy … Read More >>

Firefighters, do you take pride in your conditioning?

We took pride in our physical training at the department I worked at for 22 Years.  Working out was part of our regular shift, along with regular fire department training and emergency’s.  A lot of us worked out on our days off. Others took it a step further and competed in the fireman Olympics. Firefighter Robert Verhelst of Waunakee, Wisconsin, … Read More >>

Fellow Firefighters, does this ‘Ring a Bell’? It did for me!

4 Found DEAD In House Fire


HouseFireIn Nov. 1969 late at night we responded to a 2 story house fire fully involved.

It wasn’t far from the station and took less than 5 minutes to arrive on scene. On arrival flames were showing in almost every window in the structure.

4 or 5 inch and a half hose lines … Read More >>

Responding to a SIDS call

The other day I was on a business phone call with someone
I had never met before, her name was Michele.

We got talking a bit about what I did and I briefly told her one of my stories…

Many years ago, my partner and I responded to a SIDS call. After arriving we picked up the child and got … Read More >>

Your Legacy Interview

The art of effective communication helps us better understand the person or situation and enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection, and caring can flourish. As simple as communication seems, much of what we try to communicate to others – and what others try to communicate to us… gets … Read More >>

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