Your Legacy Interview

Has Your Story Been Told to Friends, Family or To Others Young Firefighters?

As an ex-fire fighter, I want to help you tell your story so that your family and other first responder families can understand our commitment.

How would you like to be interviewed for Legacy Launchers Radio and answer some critical questions that everyone wants to know about why you do what you do?

You may call your story “Just doing my job.”

I call it your “LEGACY”, and its my mission to find out your story. I want to help you communicate your mission, the long and the short of it. Record it for your family, friends and other who can benefit from your knowledge.

Bruce started Legacy Launchers as a fast and easy way for his brothers and sister – newbies, veterans, and retirees alike –

to preserve their legacy story for generations to come in my “Legacy Interview Series”.

Bruce is ready for you to reach out and introduce yourself. Your station. Your story.

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