Your Legacy Story

Are you a retired firefighter and now find yourself thinking “What now?”

Do you find retirement boring and unexciting? Do you miss the rush of problem solving and quick thinking?

Do you miss being of service to your comrades and community or wish you had more value to contribute?

As a retired firefighter myself, I know how you feel. That burning question of “What do I do now?” I’ve struggled with this for years until I did some soul searching and discovered that I miss helping others, especially fellow firefighters. Imagine that?

Being of service to those in service like you, I’ve helped my community for many years and what I realized is there was a missing piece to my life, and possibly yours – which is why I wanted to make it easy for firefighters to launch their legacy. You may have even wondered how do you leave a legacy, but didn’t know how. Or maybe this is all new to you and you are asking why do I need to leave a legacy?
The answer is simple. You aren’t done yet.

I’m Bruce Merrifield, a 22 year veteran of the Escondido Fire Department, now retired. I had achieved many accomplishments during my career there. I was voted and awarded “Young Firefighter of The Year” and a few years later, I received the coveted “Engineer of the Year” award. My favorite highlight of these 22 years was founding the “Escondido Historical Firefighters Association” along with the restoration of the City’s 1926 American La France Fire truck, a 7 year project!

Now it’s time to turn my attention to you and help you build your legacy.
Join me and see that you can add more value to your already stellar life.

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Bruce Merrifield
Retired Engineer Escondido Fire Dept
Making It Easy To Launch Your Legacy