bruce2Bruce Merrifield is a retired fireman who can’t get firefighting out of his system. Over a lifetime, what has made the biggest impression in Bruce’s heart and mind are the heroic acts of his fellow firefighters and first responders, the support and sacrifice of their friends and family, and all the lives that were both saved and lost.

Bruce has made it his mission to capture and record the legacy of heroes and speaks on why every firefighter needs to live their legacy.

Invite Bruce to show you how to preserve your legacy story for generations to come.

Topics for Presentations

Your Living Legacy – How to Add to Your Impact Blueprint

You  have  chosen  one  of  the  most heroic careers in the world. You report for duty on your shift day, not  knowing  if  you  will  come  home
or not, and you do it with honor. You  take  on  challenge  after challenge,  facing  danger  and physical injury, proudly.

Your story needs to be told.

You’ll Discover:

  • How Your Story will Change the Lives of Others
  • Why Preserving Your Legacy Forever is Important to Your Family
  • The Easiest Way to Help Mankind and Yourself
  • Easy Ways to Give of Yourself for Fundraisers and Silent Auctions
  • Why Your Story Needs to be Heard


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